In February 2010 GRAS founders decided to form a farm group in Santa Sub-division of the North West Region of Cameroon. Our project manager who started small farm projects dating back to 2004 brought their vast experience which added an aweful lot to our activities until date. Thus, GRAS boast of a dynamic team which have carried out a series of agricultural activities or produced Cabbages, Leeks, Carrots, Cereals such as corn and beans, with Irish Potatoes being our major produce within this years.
The introduction of the other members passionate about agricultural activities also brought the believe that we can evolve from a developing country to a develop nation working in line with the United Nation Millennium Development Goal (UNMDG) with an empowerment of the Rural people.
Thus, GRAS was well establish then as common initiative dedicated to fight poverty and unemployment specifically in Rural areas with an implementation of sustainable projects which should respond to Rural challenges.
GRAS management board adopted its strategic plan as well as an operational plan and budget. This well forth plan revealed the mission of GRAS in the Rural areas with its targeted population. With all efforts drifted toward the participation to the achievements of the United Nation Millennium Development Goal in the territory of Cameroon.

Grass exist to be an instrument in the fight against poverty in the Rural areas with its primary interest to develop the rural people leadership and business development skills.
Undertake those Microfinance social responsibilities with Modern Microfinance Methodologies that cause them attain emergence.

Gras exist to enable a drive toward the attainment of the United Nation Millennium Development Goals.
Primary concern on rural agricultural activities in the  Areas of, Health, and Transportation, education, tourism and other activities viewed beneficial to the society by GRAS Executives.

Main Objectives.
To conduct research, develop and initiate projects primarily in agriculture so as to promote the farming methods of members.
To enhance capacity building and develop leadership skills among members through the organization of seminars, workshops and conferences.
To promote gender equity by incorporating good gender equity principles in our programs through sensitization of members.
To advocate and promote the creation of an enabling environment within which women can develop by encouraging them to be engaged in agriculture
To ensure reduction of youth unemployment by linking youths to many employment opportunities through partnership with employment bodies.


The general objective of GRAS in this area is to improve and sustain the life’s of the low income rural population while at the same time, we seek to assure an effective and efficient contribution by the rural society to the national development process. For this purpose, a significant part of our efforts are drifted to support Cameroons agricultural and economic development: To improve Rural and Urban employment situation and their incomes through.
An increase in the economic profitability of rural and urban communities through increase in agriculture productivity and improvements in the prices of inputs and outputs that will improve the terms of trade of the rural areas vis-à-vis the national territory of Cameroon.
The development of new non-agricultural rural activities such as agro industries, support services etc, which because of their scale may best be assisted through associative structures which will make higher levels of productivity and competitiveness possible.
The improvement of working, training and income conditions of rural workers; and
The rational occupation of new land on the agriculture frontier, taking into account the nature of the ecological systems, the possibility of economic returns, the possibility of economic returns and physical and the economic integration with the national market.
To promote the generation of savings and facilitate a higher level of investment in rural areas.
To strengthen the effectiveness of the national and local institutions responsible for the formulation and implementation of rural development policies and projects, and to support effective participation of the population in the planning and implementation of local activities.
To help expand the access of the rural population to basic services, including, education, health etc.
To strengthen rural development planning as well as the adoption of measures for promoting better and more equitable integration of the rural sector with the rest of the national economy of Cameroon.


GRAS  aims to promote true social cultural development within our national territory and educate our citizens in a manner that they shall comfortable accept international cultures while:- Maintaining human happiness, through the satisfaction of our needs as individuals.
Preserve an ethical society, where people for others as well as for themselves.
The construction of social infrastructures that guarantees all people access to quality education, health care, housing, transpiration and basic utilities.
Keep the culture history and traditions, including such things as languages, arts and crafts, and environmental knowledge.
Ensure opportunity equality. Within reasonable tolerances wealth equality
Establish a meritocracy. No tolerance or discrimination; rather, a celebration of diversity.
A level society, where the disadvantaged are given support and
A level society, which does not sink to the lowest common denominator, but rather in which individuals strive to achieve personal creativity, and excellence.
A highly productive society, with a great store of wealth, thereby minimizing work requirement and maximizing the time available for leisure and personal development.
A stable society; one at peace, in equilibrium, and undergoing a natural process of evolution with minimal disruption and unrest.


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