As we collectively forge toward an attainment of our objective in the same positive spirit that endeavour us register tremendous results, Greenland Rural Association-GRAS recognizes those pertinent socio-economic issues stemming from the current ‘Anglophone’ crises in Cameroon. In this respect, she has an effective mechanism which via “THE MISSIONAID PROJECT” is convinced to confront and manage those parental- youth challenges, rape,abortion and the boy and girl child delinquencies in some very sustainable ways.

Young people below the age of 24 make up 62.5% of Cameroon’s population or 14.5million in a population of 23million (2014 Est.).  In other words, over 70% of Cameroon’s population is below 35 years. This also means that 70% of the entire population is at a crucial stage that can determine not only their personal growth and development but the future of growth and development of Cameroon as a country.

As hinted by our source from the Bamenda Regional Hospital and with confirmations from similar scenario in other areas, as a result of the Anglophone teachers and lawyers strike, an increasing number of youths- that’s to say students out of College are tested positive for pregnancy and other STIs like Syphilis and Chlamydia. In this scenario a good number of the families contemplate abortion and might even go for it. 

Given the take of some parents is, ‘my children might end up as school dropped outs, outcasts or not being considered marriage material by young men because they have babies’, parents are even more worried and are pushed to perceive abortion as a solution. 

Haven critically evaluated the realities on ground, it can be resolved that there is an overwhelming need to embark on a mission with preventive measures to aid counteract these serious life threatening issues that might bring an enormous amount of depression on parents and their children who driven by anger might abandon these children to the streets or settle to abort the babies their children might have out of wedlock. Which is WHY GRAS being pretty concerned has sort excellent thoughtful counselling approaches and ways to reach out to parents and students. 

 The prime objective we hold is to reach out to all between the ages of 13 -35yrs affected by the current Anglophone crises to build a mindset that should lift them out of idleness, Alcoholism, drug addiction, internet scams, theft, and exposure to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Our Management, financial and technical committees have designed amazing and rich counselling programs and schemes to identify those wrestling with such issues that should be guided not to stumble. This will be done with the help of our exceptionally sustainable mechanism that uses social media and all pragmatic options on the table to get a hold on all concerned.

We aim solely to enable parents and their children schooled to possess a mind of their own and control their destiny unwavering.

Thank you for your interest in our proposal. We envision on building upon our continued success in the past through insistence on excellence and innovation by implementing this project to the best of our ability, for the good of those who too often crave and have the ability, but not the means to excel.


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