Greenland Rural Association-GRAS is delighted to notify you with this project of a socio-economic development dubbed a “Vision Rural Emergence”

Before this submission, GRAS developed sustainable methodologies for this project and seek financial support as grant to aid make this a reality.
With these project 50 underprivileged villagers of Santa in the North West Region of Cameroon shall benefit from grants to start up small road side businesses, thus, these underprivileged locals will be lifted out of idleness, Alcoholism, theft, and exposure to sexually transmitted diseases as they pick up jobs.
GRAS has a highly motivated Management, financial and technical committee to design training schemes for project beneficiaries and follow up for proper management of funds by end receivers.
GRAS will build up the capacity of beneficiaries to make them skilful in business development, leadership and sustainability techniques, so they are better managers of their own businesses.
The project is geared also toward improving access of beneficiaries to some financial products and services by opening of accounts with The Means and competence of the community put together (MC2) (Muttuelle Communautaire De Croisance) a Rural Micro-finance in Santa, where they will be motivated to save regularly and benefit from other services.
Thanks you for your interest in our proposal. We envision on building upon our continued success in the past through insistence on excellence and innovation by implementing this project to the best of our ability, for the good of those who too often crave and have the ability, but not the means to excel.


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  1. Ngala Elvis Mbiydzenyuy says:

    That is awesome. As you probably would have read from my blog an article titled “PESTICIDE USE IN CAMEROON: A NEUROLOGICAL CONCERN”, I am interested in long-term consequences of use of chemicals by farmers in the North West. Please could you give me an email address by whcih we could further discuss? This is mine

  2. This is an issue our agronomist has pointed out to us after his visit and training to Austria, Sir we would be more interested to get new ways from you to addreSs this issue..

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